Disabled Home Modifications

Home modifications for independent living

Improving life at home for people with limited mobility including seniors, the disabled & handicapped.

There’s no place like home. Home is where we feel the happy and safe, and it’s where most of us want to stay. If you are physically challenged, or just getting older, the right modifications to your home can enable you to stay in your own home  for years of comfort and joy.

Today, more Australians are choosing to remain at home for longer – for both personal and financial reasons. Moving to aged care facilities can be expensive – and sometimes unnecessary, especially given that home modification can drastically improve the quality of people, their families and cares.

Millstone Homes have helped many families needing assistance to modify their homes to make them safer and a more accessible.

Home modifications include:

  • Installing lifts to existing multi-level homes
  • Widening doorways and openings (disabled access doors)
  • Building wheelchair ramps (access ramps or handicap ramps) at thresholds
  • Removing tiled hobs and widening shower recces to accommodate a wheelchair
  • Installing appropriate toilet suites, handrails and other bathroom modifications
  • Lowering door handles
  • Increasing the height of power points
  • Lowering basins and benchtops
  • General home modifications for seniors