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Expert Repair & Remedial Building Services in Perth

Remedial and repair work (remedial building services) can be any work undertaken by a registered builder to rectify or remedy work previously performed by a builder or contractor.

Remedial repair work for the home can range from poor or incomplete workmanship to general deterioration.

Remedial repairs usually fall into the following categories:

Structural Repairs

  • Slab cracking
    Often, concrete will usually crack due to moisture evaporation from the slab. Another common cause can be lack of steel reinforcement, expansion/contraction or settlement

    Alternatively, there may be a lack of adequate steel reinforcement or expansion/contraction issues. Either way, professional investigation is always required.
  • Wall cracking
    Any wall cracks equal or greater than 2mm wide require professional investigation. Once the cause has been identified, most wall cracks require brick stitching to remedy the problem.
  • Roof deflection
    Roof deflection is commonly known as ‘roof sag’ or ‘roof creep’ and is generally caused by roof members losing their structural strength.

    This problem is usually resolved by installing additional support within the roof space and carrying out an investigation of the roof cover to ensure it remains intact.
  • Retaining wall failure
    Retaining walls can fail because of various reasons but some of the most common are insufficient engineering, additional structures, mass loading of the wall or undermining the wall.

    The most common remedy is to chemically inject the wall using a professional or concrete cavity fill it.

Water ingress

Water ingress repairs are often but not limited to poor installation or design. Most commonly associated with rooves or windows in a specific location.

  • Roof
    Caused by insufficient roof pitch design to remove water from the roof effectively. It can also be as simple as a cracked tile/dislodgement of tiles, insufficient flashing or poor installation of flashings.

    Any roof that has water ingress needs immediate investigation to avoid further serious damage.
  • Window
    The most common cause of water ingress at a window is poor workmanship or no flashing installed around the window.
  • Raising damp
    There are various causes for rising damp and the most common sign is water marks or staining and can be up to 1m high on any wall.

    Installation of an appropriate water proof membrane system will usually fix this problem. Investigation is always recommended.

Concrete repairs

Some signs of concrete failure include flaking, cracking, rust stains leaking from the concrete and bubbling of concrete or render. Concrete can also crack due to steel expansion.

  • Concrete cancer repairs
    Most often, concrete cracks because of poor installation and is usually due to moisture problems.

    Another reason can be a lack of adequate steel reinforcement or expansion/contraction.

    Professional investigation is always required with concrete cracks.
  • Chemical corrosion
    There are many types of chemicals that can cause corrosion; for example, salts in the water, in acid ground water, sulphates, nitrates, fluorides and sulphides. Our method of remedying the situation will depend on what is causing the chemical corrosion. Always seek professional advice

Water damage

water-damage-cracked-pipeCracked water pipes can be damaged during construction and may not be noticeable until much later. Tree roots are also a common cause of water damage and can cause significant damage. When not fixed, water can leak under tiles in wet areas and into other areas of the home causing skirting and any timber flooring to swell.

Further investigation is always required.

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