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  • Have your builders gone into liquidation?
  • Is your building company  claiming bankruptcy?
  • Has an administrator taken over?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current builder? (Would you like to switch builders?)

If so Millstone Homes Can Help!

Millstone Homes is a preferred contractor for leading insurance companies.

We have years of experience dealing with such claims & can help you through…

Who to turn to in Perth?

Millstone Homes is an APPROVED contractor for leading insurance companies including Vero, Calliden (innovation) QBE and CGU who primarily undertake defective and incomplete works to your home which are covered under the home indemnity/warranty insurance.

With many years of experience dealing with more than a hundred home warranty and indemnity claims, Millstone Homes has taken over building contracts for many reasons, including if your builder is claiming bankruptcy, liquidation or if you are just unhappy with your current builder and want to contract a new company to complete your home.

We understand that every situation is unique and most of the time it can be very emotional dealing with the stress of a financial loss, expiring lease agreements, feelings of deceit, anger and many other factors. Our team have a compassionate and caring approach and will support you every step of the way to ensure you get your home completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Millstone Homes is based in Osborne Park and operates widely across the Perth Metropolitan area.

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How can Millstone Homes help?

Millstone Homes will liaise with you to arrange a site inspection to assess any existing works that have been undertaken on site. At this time we will require a copy of your plans, addenda, variations and any other documents regarding your project.

With the information obtained from the documents supplied by yourself and the site inspection we can then provide you with an itemised quote to complete your home.

The quote will be provided to yourself or the insurance company for approval.

Once this has been approved a new building contract will be signed and a new home indemnity/warranty insurance policy taken out.

We take the stress out of you dealing with your insurance company/administrators and local shire and you will be moving into your home before you know it.

About liquidated builders, bankruptcy and insolvency

If you find yourself in the situation where your builder has gone into voluntary or court-appointed liquidation the good news is you are most likely covered by home warranty/ indemnity insurance.

Going into liquidation is not easy for anyone. For voluntary liquidation the builder needs to acknowledge that the company just can’t keep trading. The company should not be trading while insolvent. Early signs of distress may include:

  • Delays in completing each stage of the build.
  • Claiming too early for progress payments when work has not been completed.
  • Suppliers/tradesmen not being paid on time or continually having to chase payments.

When the builder finally goes into liquidation, the building company needs to appoint an administrator to manage this process.

What should I do next?

If your builder is insolvent or about to become insolvent it is essential to act fast to protect your investment, remembering you have invested a large sum of money for work that may not have been completed on site.

Here are some ways to protect your investment:

  • Put a stop on any progress payments.
  • Obtain copies of the following documents; drawings, specification and any payments made to date.
  • Get details of the builders Insurance. The insurer should be mentioned in the contract if you haven’t got details of the cover you should contact them and get a copy.
  • Any variations that you have requested.
  • Any increases of cost that the builder has notified you about, (for example site work costs).
  • Copies of all council permits.
  • All other correspondence including emails etc
  • A record of how much work has been completed. As well as writing everything down be sure to takes lots of photo’s.

Once you have put a hold on any progress payments and obtained all the necessary documents you should contact your insurance company (that you have a warranty policy with) to find out what to do next.

Generally, once legal formalities have taken place and the building company has appointed an administrator/liquidator you will be able lodge a claim form through your insurer. It is at this stage you can start the quoting process.

You may need to discuss with the insurer about contacting a new builder of your choice or your insurance company may engage a preferred contractor to provide quotes on the completion of your home.

What our customers say

We’ve recently completed our home and the whole process was smooth and straight forward.

The thing about dealing with a smaller boutique builder is that you feel you have a “one on one ” relationship and that any concerns you might have are taken care of…”

- George and Anne

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